Micron Technology, Inc

Category: Technology

We're 4 for 4! The current iteration of the Micron web platform is a complete overhaul from the ground up utilizing all of the latest Sitecore best practices and Azure cloud hosting.

We partnered with an external design agency to take their designs and rebuild the entire solution into an award-winning, highly customized, modern and fully integrated solution.

Micron Website

Re-Imagine. Inform.

Micron, well known and highly respected within the engineering world, had its web site grow into a complex and inefficient set of tools. Users were demanding more access to relevant content but the existing UX and designs were not set up to handle the massive amounts of content. This coupled with an increasing global presence and spikes in overall traffic to the site resulted in slow load times. The perceived poor user experience was high on Micron's list to fix.

We were tasked to create an architectural platform that would be easily accessible - one that would engage prospects and customers with technical data and tools and would educate visitors about Micron's cutting-edge products.

Micron Lab
Micron.com on laptop

Performance. Insights.

Extending Micron's use of the Sitecore platform was critical in advancing their vision for a new corporate web identity. The experience platform enabled us to deliver content to Micron's sophisticated global audience and provide a digital experience that reflects their leading industry presence.

The ultimate design and architecture resulted in a user-friendly experience that surfaced relevant content quickly and connected existing customers and prospects with vital information.