Logix Federal Credit Union

Category: Financial

Logix is one credit union that knows how to differentiate their brand and message to customers and stand out from the crowd. The renewed online presence has helped the company increase customer engagement and membership.

We partnered with an external design agency to build this fresh, forward thinking, award winning site.

Logix Webpages

Strength. Rejuvenate. Tailored.

Logix was ready for a new, clean, and unique website that would fill the user demand for a personalized online experience.

They wanted a bold design that wouldn't get lost in the ever growing list of credit unions.

Logix Bot 2
Logix Website on Laptop

Engagement. Growth. Personalization.

Logix accomplished their goals with flying colors and awards, bringing an original brand and full service banking experience.

And with a complete CMS solution like Sitecore, they are well positioned to keep their status and online presence going for years to come.