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Yet another credit union project that we had the privilege to work on. We again partnered with an external design agency to build this clean, informational, and award winning site.

From building the initial site to follow up maintenance, GECU has been a great client to work with. We look forward to continuing our relationship.

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Storytelling. Compelling. History.

Similar to many of the other credit unions around the States, GECU was in need of a major redesign and technical engine to power their campaigns.

The surrounding community and existing members’ growing financial needs was the focal point of this project. They needed an updated digital experience that would match today’s digital world.

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Language. Applications. Embrace.

For the first time, GECU now offers the website in Spanish for members more comfortable communicating and managing their finances in Spanish. This enhanced accessibility across the board led to an increase in product views of more than 45%.